Without a doubt, it was going to happen, wasn’t it?

Australian winter, training in with the American Summer for the race at the end… and I get sick.
Being sick at any time sucks, but 5 weeks out from something this big? Well, it sucks.

Not only is it the WORST timing, but it’s going to affect my important speed phases, and now it’s going to affect my performance at worlds… Which just makes more stress in one’s life.

Speaking of stress… I need to stop being such a tight ****… Sitting on the freeway on the way home the other day, worried I was going to run out of fuel… And of course, along the Monash there are NO petrol stations.

Talk about running the gauntlet with the fuel gauge… but I made it home, and all was good, but lesson learned!!

I think that’s all for today guys. I’m going to go back to bed and wallow in my misery!