There are some great articles about nutrition on the hammer nutrition website that I recommend that everyone check it out. Or you can get the summery from me J

A problem I have always thought about was how many calories do I need for each session to optimize performance and not get fat? After some experimenting and research, I believe I have found the solution thanks to the Hammer Nutrition website and Steve Born’s Article. Less Is Best- The Right Way To Fuel – 

It’s a very interesting article that discusses the myths on fuelling and how the body can only use and consume a certain amount of energy efficiently per hour and overconsumption (more than 300 calories/hour, may lead to “stomach shutdown” and inhibit performance. I found the following table very helpful.

Loss vs. AssimilationWhat can your body really   handle?
Fluids   (ml) 1000-3000   (30-90 oz) 500-830   (17-28 oz)
Sodium   (mg) 2000 500-700
Calories 700-900 240-280
Below   are the corresponding replenishment values that we have observed for the   averagesize endurance athlete (160-165 lbs/72.5-75 kg) who is fit and   acclimatized (+/-5%):
Fluids 20-33%
Sodium 20-35%
Fuels   (Calories) 30-40%
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If you want more details, follow the link to the artical and remember these are guidelines and every individual’s needs and situation may be varied. What I like to use in my longer sessions is a mix of Hammer Endurolytes Fizz tablet in water and Hammer choc chip bar. And Hammer Gels and Hammer Perpetuem in water.

Train Smart.