I had tried many different endurance drinks and foods and Hammer is by far the best, they tick all the boxes with great taste and texture with the scientific research to maximise your work outs.

The best I found is the hammer bars “ choc chip and oatmeal apple are my favourite flavours” they are a good mix of fats, proteins and carbs “not just cheap sugar crap that makes you crash” they are soft and not chewy so they are easy to consume on the bike or as a snack, I have found with other bars like Powerbar they melt in the heat and are rock-solid in the cold this is not the case with Hammer, Hammer bars are always soft and don’t fall apart and are actually good for you as they are all Natural, with all-organic ingredients, Hammer Bars are great as a pre-exercise meal, post-workout recovery food, or a healthy snack at any time.

My other favourite Hammer product is Perpetuem “coffee flavoured” this drink is a great source of calories and tastes great I have read some reviews with people say it has a chalky taste but I didn’t find this to be true, It isn’t the sweetest drink but that’s because it’s not a cheap sugary drink it’s a sport drink scientifically developed for endurance performance, not Coca Cola to taste great. Having said that, I quite enjoy the coffee flavoured one but everyone is entitled to their opinion you will just have to try it yourself.

I have also tried Endurolyte Fizz tablets the taste is a bit different as it is kind of fizzy but it’s low in calories which is great for shorter sessions and athletes monitoring their weight. Other great products are HEED, and the Gels.

To order your Hammer products go to www.hammernutrition.com.au

Train Smart,