Most people look at their bikes and think they need race wheels to make them go fast when the truth is they are more likely to get more bang for their buck by purchasing a new cassette, chainring, pedals, or cleats. From personal experience, most people never maintain or even look at these things. There is potentially serious power to be gained here, much more than $2000 race wheels and it will make your cycling more comfortable. How often these items need to be replaced is entirely dependent on the quality of the gear, how well you maintain it, how much you ride and the conditions you ride in.

I check my gear monthly looking for worn teeth on my chainring and cassette, unwanted or excess movement in my pedals, cleats, and wheel hubs. If you are not sure how to tell these things to take your bike into a bike shop you trust and ask their opinion. For me, this is CBD Cycles in Melbourne. Not only can you gain power and speed by having properly working components, pedals and cleats but it may also prevent injury.

Please check-in monthly for more tips.

Train Smart.