Cairns is such a great place in the world. It was quite easy to be distracted before the race with the beautiful scenery and attractions.

This was my first year racing Cairns and it didn’t disappoint. The course is challenging but at the same time enjoyable with a great atmosphere and scenery. The swim course was quite technical but I enjoyed the little run on the beach at the half way point which enabled athlete to see where they are at in the field and get a uplift from the crowd. The swim was surprisingly fast given the choppy conditions, I think the rolling start may have had something to do with this as it allows you to get into a rhythm early and I think this is a great idea on behalf of Ironman.

The bike course is challenging enough without adding in four seasons and a tough head wind back into Cairns, but that doesn’t phase you when you get the uplift from the spectators in Port Douglas and the beautiful scenes that the capt cook hwy offers.

The run is tough as you have to break your rhythm often with a few turns and turn arounds which make it challenging but other than this its flat and fast with spectators lining most of the course and with a spectacular finish line atmosphere.

I think the climate and course of this race are very similar to that of Hawaii and I suggest anyone who is thinking about trying to go to Hawaii to do the Ironman should do this race to get an idea of what they will be in for.

Overall I was stoked with my result here, and I had a great time.

Thanks for reading and train smart!,


Special Thanks to Korupt Vision for the pic.