I choose Busso for my first Ironman because I have done the half here before so I would be familiar with the course.

I had a solid block of training leading up to the race but not perfect, I was sick for about a month. But I felt ready but nervous as I had never done a marathon or raced a 180k bike before so I knew I was in for a treat.. Not!

The swim start of an ironman is crazy, 1300 athletes bashing about. And today it was choppy so it was hard to get into Rhythm but in these conditions, you just need to stay calm and do your best and remember it’s tough for everyone else too. And try to minimise the amount of saltwater you drink.

Busso is defiantly a special swim course as you swim around the jetty (don’t call it a pier the locals hate it lol) I was happy with my swim time of 53mins in tough conditions.

Transition is different in ironman all you do is run to a tent grab your bike gear bag and sit down as volunteers take care of the rest bingo bango your off on the 180k bike.

The bike course at Busso is flat but today it was very windy so it was no walk in the park. It was defiantly a roller coaster ride that I was glad was over in 4 hours and 58 mins not the best time but it will do.

T2 is just as easy as t1 you roll in, hand your bike to the volunteers. grab your run gear bag, sit down put your run gear on and off you go on a marathon.

I felt great for a little while and was thinking ironman isn’t too bad that was a mistake, the ironman gods slapped me in the face with a stitch and cramps for laughing in their faces. You have so many ups and down in ironman you just have to keep strong in your mind. It was a battle the marathon it took me 3 hours and 11 mins.

My first ironman in 9:07 not to bad but only good enough for second place and no kona spot.

Ironman is a great atmosphere everyone should do at least one in their lifetime.

Happy training

Levi Maxwell