Proof that I was with the whippets for about 1.7k of the race. About 1.5k further then two weeks ago.

I finished 7th today. And when people ask me how I went I struggle to answer. I mean I don’t strive to come 7th. But with perspective and knowing where I am at, I am happy with my race today. I guess it can be hard with the label of elite or professional to not feel the pressure of expectation. I think elite or age grouper, triathletes tend to be perfectionist and wanting to wait to feel ready. But I think if you’re afraid to lose, you’ll never win.

Well done @2xutriathlonseries @_o2events for putting on another great event! And congrats to everyone who participated and the elite podium.

1- Callum Mcclusky
2- @cassidyshaw_
3- Mitch Kibby

1- Emma Jeffcoat
2- Emma Hogan
3- Sophie Perry